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Kate McGregor & Batia Winer Coaching
“I would like to live like a river flows, Carried by the surprise of its own unfolding” – John O’Donohue
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Kate McGregorKate McGregor is a certified Integral Master Coach. >With more than 30 years of experience in the communications field, she is recognized for her ability to assess, build and lead teams in times of transition. Passionate about the need to establish healthy work environments, Kate coaches teams that are adapting to change and individuals seeking a sense of place and competence in the workplace and joy in their personal lives.

Kate has a Bachelor of Arts degree from Carleton University and in 2014 became a certified Integral Master Coach™.

batiaBatia Winer brings a unique blend of perspectives, curiosity, skill and compassion to her coaching practice. A self-starter and entrepreneur, she is well-acquainted with the initial spark and passion that ignites all life-changing adventures. She knows how important rigour, play, intuition and risk-taking are for any worthwhile journey or undertaking.

As a meditator and practitioner of breathwork and yoga for over 40 years, Batia has had the remarkable opportunity to work with thousands of people from the private, public and not-for-profit sectors where she taught classes, led workshops and retreats and worked one-on-one with clients.

Following intensive studies in Hatha Yoga (Sivananda 1976-1978) and meditation (International Meditation Institute –IMI, 1980-1985) in Montreal, she moved to IMI’s headquarters in India to pursue rigorous studies with her teacher for 3 ½ years (1986–1989).

In 1989, upon the request of her teacher, Batia moved to Ottawa where she built and operated a thriving Yoga, Meditation and Breathwork studio for 21 years (1989–2010). There, she also honed her skills as a coach – having completed New Venture North’s coaching curriculum for beginners and advanced coaches (2001-2002).

Batia’s clients included the City of Ottawa, University of Ottawa, Carleton University and the YMCA where she coordinated and taught yoga programs. For the Department of National Defence, Health Canada, Statistics Canada and Sports Canada she designed and conducted stress management workshops. She also offered pro-bono work for not-for-profit organizations such as the John Howard Society for their front-line staff. As well, individuals from all walks of life ―hospital CEOs, university professors and students, senior public servants, real estate owners, lawyers and accountants ― engaged her services, some for short periods of time and others for many years of conversations, training and deep knowing.

After taking time out to support her partner’s growing consulting business, and to pursue her own family history of trauma, resilience and the effects of intergenerational trauma (both her parents were Holocaust survivors), Batia certified as an Integral Master Coach™ with Integral Coaching Canada© (2014-2016).

To further deepen her development as a coach, Batia continues to study with other Master Coaches: Poetry as Portal (Mary Lou van Schaik, 2016) and Poetry to Enhance Coaching Presence (Mary Lou van Schaik, 2017); and trained as a leader/facilitator in Action Learning Groups, sometimes known as Peer Group Learning (Coaching@ the Edge, 2017-2018); Executive Coaching (Coaching @ the Edge, 2017).

Currently, in collaboration with her business partner, an Integral Master Coach™, she writes a monthly coaching column, the Coaching Corner, for the Glebe Report (Ottawa’s largest community newspaper). She also coaches individuals who have a strong desire to effect change in their lives and the lives of others; professionals who wish to advance in their professions vertically and or horizontally; and people from all walks of life who deal with the challenges of downsizing or transitioning into new ways of being.